Stage 1 Basic Kit

Basic kit - $369
Includes Disc/Pressure Plate
Pilot Bearing, Alignment Tool

*$30 flat rate shipping to the lower 48 states

Stage 1 - Heavy duty organic. This clutch was designed to be much more durable than stock, while retaining stock driveability. It is extremely easy to drive (very close to stock feel). The disc has approximately 50% more friction material than stock. There is virtually no chatter at all. It is perfect for any modded car that sees spirited driving on a regular basis. Rated at 500HP holding capacity. However, this clutch is not designed to consistently handle hard launches (for example, a 5000RPM clutch dump at the track). Of course if you plan to flog your car at the track, the Stage 2 or 3 will suit your needs much better.